clock partner chart?

A clock partner chart is a page, with a student's name and a clock face drawn in the center. Around each 'hour' on the clock, there is one or more other student names printed. These names are the student's 'partners' for that 'hour'. So, when the teacher says, for example, 'get with your 3 o'clock partner', each student looks at their page and partners with the person/people shown at the 3 o'clock hour. To see an example page see the samples on our products page.

how do I make one?

Let us guide you through it. We ask you for all the information we need to construct your set of charts. Then we will send you a nice .pdf attachment to an email for you to print/reprint as much as you want. Also, if you are registered with us, we will keep your charts and your order history so you can resend old charts or build new ones starting with the information from a previous order.