The problem

Once upon a time, a teacher was struggling to make a set of clock partner charts for her class. She wanted each student to have a partner at each hour with no repeat partners around the clock face. It seemed simple enough. But after multiple unsuccessful attempts she stated, "there has to be a better way!"

Now, she did finally get her charts made and handed them out to her students. She gave one handwritten sheet to each student with their partners written around a picture of a clock. It was wonderful! Then, one of the students discovered that her name on one of the clocks was misspelled and was upset. Over time, a few students lost their sheets. And finally, a new student moved into the area and wound up in her class. Now she needed to do it all over again and make another set!

The solution

There has to be a better way and indeed there is! Automatic clockpartner chart generation! This website will take a class roster (list of names), the number of people you want in each group, and the number of groups (or hours) you want to make, and will automagically generate your clock charts for you. It will do this with no repeat matches between students and with every student matched in a group for each hour you specify. What's more, it will generate a nice tidy .pdf file that you can download, print, and reprint from as much as you like. No misspelled names, no worries about lost charts, and if your class roster changes you can easily make another chart. Easy peasy. The first set of charts is free so you have nothing to lose to try us out. We hope you find that it is super easy and saves you tons of time.