Why can't I have a certain group size or groups or number of students?

There are some limits on what we can do and still provide non-repeating, 'everyone matched up' charts. For example, if you have an ODD number of students (odd as in 'not even'), you cannot have a group size of two and expect EVERYONE be in a group. You can only do that with an EVEN number of students. Likewise, if you want groups of 3, you need a 'number of students' that is a multiple of three ... like 9, 12, 15, 18, etc. It is just way the math works out.

So, on the 'feasibility' page, as you select one option, the other options should change to exclude values that do not work. If one value is more important to you, then select it first and adjust the others. For example, if you know you need groups of 2 and you have 13 students, select the group of two first and then select number of students as 14. Then, when you enter all the names of the students, just add your name (Mrs. Smith) or a 'marker' name (like 'extra') and whoever is partnered with that extra name at that hour can be placed in one of the other groups or can work with the teacher.

As for the number of groups, there are limits to that as well. For example, if you have 10 students and want groups of 2, we can only have up to 9 groups with those values. Other combinations will have similar limits. The 'take home message' is that if you know you want a certain value then pick that first and see if you can adjust the other values to work.

Why would I want to register?

Registration allows us to keep a record of what charts you have created. This is helpful in many ways. For example, you could visit us again in the future and view your order history. You can use this history to access an old chart you created and use that old chart as a starting point for a new one. This is especially worthwhile if a student leaves your class for some reason or a new student comes into the class. Another reason might be if something were to go wrong with an order, we can pull up your account, look at what you actually ordered, and re-create and/or re-send a chart for you based on the stored information.

What else are you doing with my registration info?

First, please know that we only keep a bare minimum of information to be able to exchange email with you and know your name. We ask you to provide a login and password as well as your name, your email address, and a password hint. That is all. We will not ask you for any mailing/billing address information, phone number information, etc. You will not receive any spam email from us. Also, since we do not store any mailing/billing addresses nor any phone numbers you will never receive junk mail or sales calls from us. Period. In short, our policy is to simply create your clock charts and send them to you. We only use the registered email address associated with your account to send you the resulting partner chart as a .pdf attachment.

What are 'credits' and how are they used?

Credits are basically a free 'run' of our service. In other words, a free set of clock charts for your class. In the past, we sold credits as a way of reducing the price per chart but the reality was that most people just ran one chart at a time and didn't bother with purchasing the credits in advance. So, now we use credits as gifts or rewards that we give out in certain instances.

If you have credits in your account there will be a 'button' on your cart page that you can press to 'checkout' using your credits. If you have more credits than you have 'charts in your cart' then ALL the charts will process by credit when you checkout. If you have more 'charts in your cart' than you have credits then the checkout process will use as many credits as it can to process your cart and the remaining charts will still be in your cart to be processed normally (via a paypal purchase).

Also, credits never 'expire' so you can use them next year if you don't use them this year. If you are a principal or administrator and want to provide our services for a large number of teachers or an entire school then email us and we can arrange for you to pre-purchase 'credits' for your account. See the contact page for how to reach us by email.

NOTE: For a limited time, we are giving every one who registers one free credit just for trying us out. So essentially, your first chart is absolutely free!